Production U.S.

Production Brazil

• Negotiation and Acquisition of international rights of films and TV shows

• Film / TV Show Sales Representation

• Dubbing,  voice-overs, ADR / Loop group, voice casting

• Localization

• Production

• Casting (on camera)

• Location services in Brazil

Production in Brazil.

Silverlights Media Inc. has an associate production/distribution company in Brazil.

A foreign production company must first establish a partnership, by contract, with a Brazilian production company, which will be responsible, under the Brazilian law, for the production in their territory.

All Brazilian government financial incentives are available for official co-productions involving Brazil.

Brazil has international co-production treaties with Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Without the oficial co-production treaty, Brazilian legislation requires that the co-production project concerned, can have national status in Brazil, provided that the Brazilian co-producer owns at least 40% of the rights to the film and at least 2/3 of the cast and crew have Brazilian citizenship or have been Brazilian residents for 3 years or more.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and it has a wide variety of locations, from Moroccan style desert,  Caribbean beaches, tropical forests, to Germanic and Dutch towns, medieval castles, Savanna (Cerrado), temperate forests, caves and many others, including great sceneries which can be used as other planets for a sci-fi project.

Contact us for more information, if interested in a co-production agreement and/or assistance with locations, casting and other production needs, in Brazil.